The Hughes 9502 two piece on SALE for just $1165

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Hughes 9502 M2M on the Inmarsat Global Network



9502 Standard


9502 Hazardous
Rated Class 1 Division 2
For Flammable Locations


The Hughes 9502 two piece package contains:


► Hughes 9502 Antenna Panel (ODU)
► Hughes 9502 Controller (IDU)
► 10 Meter RF Cable (Type N). Includes TNC Connector for IDU  (cable length can be extended)


Ground breaking technology makes the Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal the most cost-effective always-on, real-time, high-speed satellite Internet terminal on the planet today... ideally suited for remote M2M or SCADA device monitoring and control. This revolutionary global Ethernet port uses the new BGAN M2M Service that keeps monthly costs dramatically lower for communicating with SCADA, M2M or any other TCP-IP and serial capable devices.


Designed For Remote M2M or SCADA Device Monitoring & Control
The Hughes 9502 has several unique features that make this BGAN terminal possibly the best remote communication solution for low-bandwidth M2M, SCADA, and IP device control:


  • We can provide a secure and private network, exclusive from other providers, perfect for Utilities

  • High-speed, real-time Ethernet port to the Internet for any remote TCP-IP, M2M, SCADA device


  • BGAN M2M service with a low cost of 1 to 2 cents per Kilobyte for data transferred


  • NEW M2M Pooled plans starting at 50 SIM cards

  • BGAN M2M service only bills for the meaningful data transferred through the terminal, and not for overhead connection & networking costs

  • Global Coverage - Poll any remote device anywhere on the planet hundreds of times per day

  • When a critical issue arises, having broadband 448 Kbps communication speed is there

  • The data connection is open, and stays alive. No wake-up operation needed to transmit/receive

  • It draws only 3 to 4 watts for an always open TCP-IP network connection. Hibernation mode
       draws just 0.01 watt and wakes up on any LAN activity - Excellent for small solar installations

  • SMS texting control. Hibernate, Activate, Get usage totals, all from any cellphone

  • It operates in extreme hot or cold temperatures -40°F to 167°F (-40° to 75° C)

  • It does not require a laptop, or certified technician to install at remote locations

  • Service Fees for BGAN M2M start at $44.50 a month for 2 MB Plan, up to 2,000 monthly polls


Hughes 9502 Keep-Alive Option

The 9502 can maintain an around-the-clock TCP-IP connection over the BGAN satellite network, even in idle mode which uses 3 to 4 watts of power. This means ANY TCP-IP device connected to the 9502 is always able to communicate over the network in very low power locations with no special wake-up procedure from either side of the satellite connection. For even more power savings, the "Wake On Lan" setting drops power usage to 0.01 watts when the system is idle for a set period of time (such as 5 minutes). Any network activity (from the device side) will reestablish a BGAN network connection in about 30 seconds, which is shorter than the timeout of most attached equipment. A hibernation wakeup can also come from a simple SMS text message from any cell phone. The simplicity of the Hughes 9502 BGAN terminal makes it far more reliable, and cost effective than other remote communication solutions.


Consider the Hughes 9502 as simply a live, low-power, Ethernet port in remote locations most anywhere on the planet


Industries served by the Hughes 9502:

Utility Smart Grid - Automated monitoring, remote control of power distribution lines.

Pump/Valve monitoring and control - Access remote devices, screens, parameters.

Environmental Monitoring - Place and move (at any time) weather stations to any location.

Oil & Gas - Flow management, rod pump, compressor efficiency, linepac, pipe integrity.

Asset Monitoring - Trigger switches, door open, motion detector, alarm send information.

Remote Video Surveillance - 448 Kbps speeds allow for fast refresh-rate of images real-time.

Credit Card Processing - low power, small profile, make it an alternative to satellite dishes.

Low or High-Bandwidth SCADA devices.

Any remote device that communicates over a standard TCP-IP Internet connection.



Coverage – The service is delivered via three satellites that make up the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) network. All three I-4 satellites collectively cover all surfaces of the earth, except for extreme Polar Regions. It is one network meaning that you can deploy and monitor your fixed operations wherever they are located in the world with the same communications solution.


Ease Of Use – The service is accessed by a plug-and-play terminal that is designed to integrate seamlessly into your operations, with no expertise needed to set up and use the device.


Network Reliability & Longevity – The availability of the Inmarsat satellites and ground network exceed 99.9%, so connectivity can be depended upon to access your business-critical applications.  The geostationary location of the satellites means that service is not affected by outages often experienced by terrestrial or cellular technology in severe weather, or when communications go down following a natural or man-made disaster.  The I-4 network has an operational life well into the 2020’s, providing a secure, long term investment path for your SCADA or telemetry application.  The satellite network is connected to the terrestrial Internet at Network Innovations POP infrastructure, where VPN services, private backhaul or inter-connects are available.


Cost Effective – Hardware costs are extremely competitive and airtime costs are on a CAPEX-orientated model. Pricing packages are available based on typical monthly data usage between 2 and 20 Megabytes, and will enable managers to have full visibility of costs and allocate budgets on an annual basis.


Key Features:

  • Ubiquitous coverage with high levels of availability and performance in unmanned environments

  • Real-time visibility of operations

  • Cost-effective alternative to saturated terrestrial cellular networks

  • Improves security for managing critical infrastructure

  • Easily integrates into your operations

  • Low hardware costs

  • CAPEX-oriented airtime packages based on typical usage

  • Power efficiency enabling operation in power-deficient areas

The Hughes 9502 one piece on SALE for just $1750

One Piece Standard

Terminal-Antenna Integration
All Weather IP-66. 


One-Piece Class 1 Division 2
For Flammable Locations


The engineers at Hughes have developed a one-piece 9502 BGAN terminal that places the modem behind the antenna. This amazing all-weather terminal is sealed (IP-66 Ingress) to withstand powerful water attacts from any direction. The 9502 One-Piece is identical in operation as the standard two-piece 9502, the difference being no bulky antenna cable or enclosure needed. Ethernet and 12 volt DC power are the only cables running to this terminal.


The One-Piece 9502 system is also identical in service performance to the Two-Piece 9502, even though it has a smaller antenna. Both systems are class 2 BGAN terminals. Only a 12 volt power cable and an Ethernet cable are needed for the cable run to this device. Exterior rated Ethernet cables are rated for 328 foot (100 meter) cable runs.




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