Hughes 9502 BGAN two piece modem IDU, ODU and 10m cable $1165

Hughes 9502 one piece BGAN modem and integrated antenna $1750

Our Hughes 9502 BGAN terminals are the lowest prices on the market today.  Compare to Ground Control, Blue Cosmo, BGAN Satellite or any other dealer.  We also offer the most responsive and full coverage customer support and service.


The cheapest, low-power consumption, satellite modem providing reliable connectivity in remote areas. Low-Power and Always-On The BGAN 9502 M2M works in solar-powered sites and provides an always-on IP connection to PLC, RTU, and data logger networks.


Put an Ethernet Port anywhere in the world for as low as $44.50/month to monitor and control any attached equipment. The Hughes 9502 BGAN one piece or two piece terminal is the lowest cost, always-on, real-time, low-power, high-speed satellite communications link designed for monitoring and controlling any unmanned equipment. These revolutionary "Global Ethernet Ports" use special BGAN M2M Service that dramatically lowers monthly cost from other satellite services. Extend your WAN to any location on the planet, inexpensively, with one service provider, one network.

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