Satellite Modems for Tracking Vehicle Fleets, Containers and Railcars


The IDP 100 series of IsatData Pro satellite modems is the ideal solution for monitoring and updating near-real time status on everything from containers to trucks and ships. Designed to be embedded into larger systems, IDP 100 series modems make it possible to exchange data between remote fixed and mobile assets and enterprise systems. IDP 100 series satellite modems allow you to increase operational efficiency and safety of assets located in remote areas where there is no access to cellular communication.

5 Reasons to Choose the IDP 100 Series:

  1. Improve operational efficiency and safety of assets in remote locations.

  2. Always-on connectivity and unparalleled network quality, as well as outstanding technical support.

  3. Reduce costs by using a global satellite communications network with no expensive roaming charges.

  4. Increase visibility by tracking and monitoring remote assets outside of cellular coverage.

  5. Protect cargo in trailers, containers and railcars traveling in and out of remote areas.


Sample Market Applications: IDP 100 Series Satellite Modems

Trailer & Container Tracking
Track the location and temperature of containers and trailers, enhance cargo security and prevent theft.

Rail Tracking
Satellite-based railcar tracking can improve workflow, asset distribution, and realize cost savings.

Vehicle Tracking
Exchange vital vehicle data by leveraging the power and affordability of satellite-based fleet management solutions.


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