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Netsat provides a complete array of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) solutions that include system design, delivery & installation, training, global airtime capabilities, and network monitoring. We have supplied a wide range of solutions to our customers, both within CONUS and abroad. Whether your application requires a small, deployable terminal or a fixed-site teleport, Netsat has a solution to meet your needs.



Providing VSAT network solutions

Netsat provides VSAT network solutions for corporate, media, maritime, government and private customers' communication needs in geographically dispersed environments. Distant places, outposts, offices, at-sea and missions are connected through VSAT terminals that can deliver voice, data, video, and IP connectivity thus providing instant access to the remote parts of the world over a secure and reliable, private or public network.


We provide the network requirements such as satellite bandwidth, hardware & terminals, teleport services, VOIP features, terrestrial leased lines, SLAs, and other requirements.

 Depending upon the requirement of our customer, Netsat designs a suitable solution to best meet the customers' requirements in the most cost effective manner. Our service offers a range from satellite ground communication equipment to large networks.  For more information on VSAT, contact David O’Hara at 303-683-4843 or


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