Netsat provides a suite of mobile and stationary Satellite communications solutions for wireless SCADA/telemetry/M2M data communications that operate globally. We help you determine the right solution for your requirements and provide the expertise to help you plan, integrate, test, deploy and operate a satellite communications solution for your SCADA or telemetry operations. Our solutions bring cost savings, timely operational results and improved functionality.


Satellite Communications Benefits for SCADA, M2M & Telemetry


Satellite communications for SCADA networks form a reliable alternative to traditional methods. The benefits of our satellite based communications solutions include:

  • Portable systems with a short implementation cycle

  • Broadcast networks (multiple stations can receive a single message)

  • Very cost effective compared with land lines or radio towers

  • Highly reliable with world-wide coverage

  • Ease of management of your equipment and assets with “Remote Terminal Manager”



BGAN M2M service provides a new terminal option and rate plans focused on telemetry and SCADA applications.

Ideally suited for high frequency, very low latency data reporting, BGAN M2M is well suited for monitoring fixed assets such as pipelines and oil well heads, or back-hauling electricity consumption data within a utility.

BGAN M2M is a fixed Standard IP service, offering data speeds in excess of 100 Kbps in both directions.  It also has the capability to transmit larger data sets and interact with remote devices on an IP session.


M2M/SCADA Solutions


Global coverage through a portable IP Broadband transceiver                          

Remote monitoring through satellite communication platforms that provide complete global coverage in isolated areas is becoming increasingly important. These platforms offer a single-network implementation which does not rely upon existing cellular terrestrial infrastructure, and which is therefore more immune from natural and man-made catastrophes. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a system that collects data from various sensors at a remote factory, plant or other structure and transmits it to a central computer for analysis, management and control.

Two Global SCADA Offerings


Galaxy 1 offers two types of SCADA solutions that provide global full duplex communications between the central office and remote field locations. The solutions are differentiated based on throughput (from 192 bytes per message up to 492Kb/s for a 24/7 IP connection). All transceivers are rugged enough to withstand any weather conditions.



Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network service (BGAN) provides both voice and real-time IP data (up to 492 Kbit/s) simultaneously through a single, truly portable satellite transceiver with global coverage. The BGAN solution is being adopted and deployed for a wide range of SCADA applications worldwide, using the Hughes 9201 and 9502 BGAN terminal. This BGAN user terminal has been specifically built for permanent outdoor remote unmanned SCADA applications. Installed with a customized remote IP control firmware, it enables remote command activation.



IDP is Inmarsat’s low data service that provides up to 192bytes per message (store-and-forward). This service is ideal for tracking, monitoring and controlling remote fixed and mobile assets with relatively low amount of data. It comes with a low-cost terminal that is easy to use, install and maintain. It features low power consumption terminals delivering seamless global coverage.



Remote Terminal Manager

Galaxy 1 developed a solution called Remote Terminal Manager that enables the NOC (Network Operation Center) of a company to remotely access the unmanned Bgan equipment in the field. This unique platform is a scalable,  SCADA monitoring and control application that enables you to activate an IP session, close down/disconnect an IP session, provide identifying information which RTU’s are online/offline, provide detailed information on signal strength, in which Inmarsat’s spotbeam the Bgan is located and which firmware is being used by the Bgan device. It also provides the latest position report for an individual site or all sites combined on one map/screen. It depends on the Bgan hardware and firmware which data you can pull out of the terminal. The system can automatically provide alerts when a terminal is used outside of its intended area, as well as automatically shut the terminal down until investigation


Summary of Value Added Features:

•             Having realtime access to all terminals in one screen;

•             Being able to reboot terminal remotely, without a truck-roll;

•             The option to remotely control the unmanned device in the field (set up an IP data session or take a data session down);

•             Upload new firmware remotely;

•             Geo Fencing: additional layer/level of security;

•             Having access to additional info:

                1.            IMEI (for asset tracking)

                2.            Beam number (quick determination of spot-beam brings down trouble shooting time)

                3.            Equipment Signal level information (C/N Ratio quick determination of signal strength brings down the trouble shooting time substantially).

•             Being informed immediately when a unit goes offline;

•             Securely communicate and control the equipment Out of Band, and not through the customers IP network.

•             Option to do live trouble shooting through ‘Automatic failure Notification’ and logs.  In case of an issue with the unit; network error code(s) are real-time available;

•             Various type of users rights: admin, read-only etc rights


Utilities/Smart Grid Solutions

High Availability Solutions

Traditionally satellite communications played an important role in remote connectivity. In the world of today there is a growing need to have back-up solutions for either terrestrial infrastructure or Vsat links to fulfill tough SLA requirements such as providing 99.99% availability.

Cellular networks often don’t provide the coverage they claim, or the connectivity is spotty and unreliable. Vsat connections are always sensitive for rain fade, heavy winds or seismological movements in the ground. Galaxy 1 offers a range of solutions to fill in the gaps of connectivity as described above. Inmarsat’s Global Bgan service plays a vital role in all Galaxy 1’s solution to achieve that 99.99% availability goal. As Bgan is not sensitive of any form of (extreme) weather conditions, has 25 degree pointing tolerance and very low power consumption, it is an ideal service to bridge the gap. 


Out of Bound Management Solutions

What to do if over-the-air access is required to a failing Vsat connection?

In order to determine the cause of a failing Vsat site, Bgan can be used to remotely initiate an IP data session into the router of the Vsat site. Via a telnet session (or something similar) quick diagnostics can be done. Within 30 seconds a Bgan can be remote activated via a specific set of commands (recommended application: Remote-IP). In other words, this solution offers the NOC of a Vsat operator an alternative method of access, before sending a technician to a remote site.


Fail-over Solutions

What to do if IP communication devices fail or do not have IP connectivity?

In order to fulfill the ‘high availability’ requirement of an organization, a single IP communication device is in some cases not sufficient enough. Galaxy 1 developed the G1 Intelligent Gateway to provide an automatic failover solution that also considers the cost of airtime. This G1 Intelligent Gateway connects both a Bgan terminal and an IP communication device (e.g. a cellular modem, a DSL connection or a Vsat link). The IP communication device is considered the ‘prime’ connection, the Bgan terminal usually acts as the ‘secondary’ connection. With Inmarsat’s 99.99% availability rate and global coverage, the ultimate failover solution can be offered. The Bgan terminal is configured in a way that it is always stays online. The gateway constantly pings both connections. If the primary connection fails, the G1 Intelligent Gateway switches the RTU automatically to the Bgan connection. The G1 Intelligent Gateway continues to ping the prime connection until that comes back online again; then the G1 Intelligent Gateway switches the RTU back to the prime connection.


Smart Grid Solutions

Satellite communication (specifically L-band) plays an important role in SmartGrid deployments, because of its high reliability (99.99%), ease of use, much more cost effective compared to a few years ago, no weather influence (raid fade) and the highest level of security. Satellite solutions are being used in multiple areas of the grid, including: substation connectivity, distribution automation, advanced metering infrastructure (“AMI”), mobile workforce and disaster recovery. In any case, satellite solutions are an essential part of the multi-technology approach required by the utility industry to achieve an end-to-end, SmartGrid communications infrastructure — one that is reliable, fast, secure, and cost-efficient. Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network service (BGAN) provides both voice and IP data (up to 492 Kbit/s) simultaneously through a single, truly portable satellite transceiver with global coverage.

 The BGAN solution is being adopted and deployed for a range of utility applications worldwide, using the Hughes 9201 or 9502 BGAN terminal.  It can provide both voice and real-time IP data (up to 492 Kbit/s) simultaneously through a single, truly portable satellite transceiver with global coverage.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI); Smart Meter Backhaul

Tens of thousands of residential and business wireless smartmeters send usage data back to a collector point. The collector point sends the aggregated data over the BGAN network to the utility’s data center. The satellite devices are set to stay connected to the Inmarsat IP network for 24/7. Galaxy 1 developed the software that enables the utility to remotely control the Bgan in the field.


Distribution Automation

With its 99.99% reliability the Inmarsat Bgan solution is being used as secondary communication path (next to cellular and or WiMax) to critical SmartGrid infrastructure such as reclosers, fault indicators, capacitor banks, and other components. The satellite devices are set to stay connected to the Inmarsat IP network for 24/7. Galaxy 1 developed the software that enables the utility to remotely control the Bgan in the field.

Field Force Automation

The efficiency of a field force is strongly influenced by the performance of cellular networks. With the spotty cellular coverage in many remote areas the BGAN service is being adopted and deployed for the mobile workforce. Vehicles can be equipped with a mobile satellite terminal that provides IP connectivity while on the move. Ideal for utility personnel deployed to customer sites to restore services, or for everyday use to support maintenance and construction of facilities.


Business Continuity Solutions

Bgan services are widely used during the recovery period immediately following a catastrophic event that interrupts utility services. In a matter of a few minutes a mobile command center can be set up for multiple voice lines and data (up to 492 Kb/s). Bgan equipment has a built-in WiFi capability, which allows the crew to continue to work through their mobile devices during the critical restoration efforts.



Netsat provides a unique suite of integrated tracking software and hardware solutions.  High performance equipment such as messaging terminals, navigation displays and vehicle tracking devices are available to ensure the reliability you seek and the uncompromising functionality your operations require. The system can be used over multiple satellite and terrestrial networks based on a proprietary platform which acts like multi-network wireless IP software router with third-party mobile or fixed remote hardware products and third-party host software or web interface.


Mobile Communications

Organizations covering everything from urban centers to rural and even far-flung remote areas, maintaining reliable connectivity with their mobile workforce is essential in order to deliver high-quality service to its customers. Satellite communications plays an important role in providing 100% coverage for a large fleet of vehicles. Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network service (BGAN) provides both voice and IP data (up to 492 Kbit/s) simultaneously through a single, truly portable satellite transceiver with global coverage.


The connectivity challenge


Depending on the area, relying on 3G/4G cellular communications alone can mean hours of lost productivity and costly downtime due to congested, limited or no cell site coverage. Mobile crews attending to routine business in sparsely populated areas or trying to restore service in areas damaged by natural disasters, may have no 3G/4G access at all, or commonly have to drive miles to higher ground in search of adequate reception.


But measuring the quality of cellular coverage across diverse territories and with possibly multiple providers is challenging enough, let along figuring out how to end up with ubiquitous, high-quality connectivity. Recognizing it can’t manage what it can’t measure, while accepting cellular’s coverage and reliability limitations, companies with large fleets are increasingly looking for a comprehensive, IP mobile data satellite solution to keep its workforce in constant communication. The results are impressive—improved productivity and asset utilization, while elevating overall worker safety. Covering thousands of square miles with widely varied terrain and population densities, the utility’s service area has a challenging landscape. Cell data coverage varies outside heavily developed areas, and even in less developed areas, cellular networks experience overloading during peak times as consumers demand fast speeds and increased data consumption to the Blackberrys and iPhones for real-time access to email, sports, news, weather, Facebook, and more. In most areas, customers experience intermittent cellular service from mid-afternoon until early evening. Cellular data networks will not prioritize traffic, so even companies willing to pay for priority during heavy usage periods remain subject to unpredictable network availability.


Broadcast Media

In today’s competitive and demanding news broadcasting environment, the need to respond quickly to breaking news and other news events has become more and more crucial. Netsat is a complete solution provider, offers a suite of video encoding solutions combined with all the satellite communication services that enable high speed data and 3.1 Khz voice. The objective is to provide rich, cost effective, portable and flexible live broadcast video solutions to enable reporters in the field and at the bureau to easily switch between both live and store & forward broadcast options.


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